Friday, March 1, 2013

Pherazone Pheromones

Pherazone is indeed one of the coolest pheromone colognes in the market. I contacted Pherazone and in all honesty their customer support was of great help. I asked about the product and the lady on the phone was not only knowledgeable but willing to answer all my questions in not only the scientific part but she also explained to me how they blend their formula in plain English. She also went on about how they are the number one selling Pheromone in the world and how they have Pherazone for women and Pherazone Gay. About 35 minutes after talking about the pheromone world and how I am blogging about my humble research I purchased Pherazone and out journey began.

My First Day Using It ....

In about 4 business days my product arrived in the mail and they even threw in a nice little DVD with cool techniques about how to please women right after you get them with Pherazone (I should review that later)! I called up my friend Jose and had him come over to see what Pherazone’s hype was all about and the first thing he said was “wow this has to be the best smelling pheromone cologne in the world” then he said “It smells just like Aqua Di Gio” with a smile on my face I agreed and we made plans for the night.

Testing Pherazone At The Clubs ...

We got ready that night and we hit the club scene like just another Friday night! Just a few minutes before getting out of the car we sprayed some Pherazone we walked up to the club paid our cover charge and went right to the busiest corner of the bar to order drinks and check out the girls. About an hour later Jose was already complaining and saying how nothing was going on and how he wanted to go to a different bar! I said to him to wait and to make a little effort and ask a girl if she wanted to dance.

 Right after I said that a nice girl (hottie) walked by him and he said in a very low voice “hey wanna dance?” She replied and said “sure why not !” She seemed some kind of nervous but totally gave him the shot! I sat back sipping my cocktail and watched what happened. About 10 minutes after his body temperature started rising and Pherazone started kicking in! Like I have said before I am a natural born skeptic so I could not believe what I was seeing, she leaned up to him whispered in his ear and by the time I looked to the side they were both GONE!

Better Than I Expected ...

I totally thought to myself “damn this is one of the best pheromones I have ever seen”! I sent him a text to ask if he was okay and proceeded to finish my drink and wait for the verdict from Jose. Couple of hours later I got a text back he said he was okay and I went home and went to bed till about 7:30 am when he showed up at my place. He said Bro you have to believe me in this!!! This is so far the fastest acting pheromone of all she totally asked me if I wanted to go to her place and have a drink and YOU KNOW THE REST!!!

That's my friend Jose in that picture the morning after! He asked me to take a picture holding the bottle so the world can see he got what he wanted using Pherazone Pheromones.

As for me i wore it a couple of days after and got some amazing results as well! I met a great girl who I'm getting to know at the moment.

But don't worry I will keep blogging about the pheromones we test and try out to give you the reader, the right information about pheromones on the market today.

NOW LETS GET PERSONAL HERE! Pherazone contains 7 of the most powerful Pheromones in the world. Although it seems pricey at first you need to keep in mind that you always get what you pay for. Good Pheromones are hard to find and very expensive to get from laboratories. So you will see a difference in the price but you wont be disappointed with the results.

Pherazone Contains:
  • 5- Alpha Androstenonediol
  • 5- Alpha Androstenone
  • Androsterone
  • Androstadienol
  • Beta- Androstenol
  • Beta- Epi- Androstenol
  • Androstadienone

What Others Think.....

As a native New Yorker i was always taught "to see is to believe" so i started this blog. I am not gonna tell you what to buy or when to buy it that is completely up to you, but i will tell you what i  have tested and what did work for us. I REPEAT what we have tested and what did work for us! In other words i am telling you what worked for us! But what worked for us can always work for you.

Always remember these 3 things when buying Pheromones:
  1. Scent (The best Pheromones are the ones that copy a famous cologne that way it disguises the pheromones and you will not have to explain why you smell like patchouli.)
  2. Price (you get what you pay for.)
  3. Blending ( The blending of the Pheromones is the most important part of this game! Remember this rule of thumb, if the blending isn't done correctly the product most likely wont work)
With that in mind my final words. Pherazone worked great and it did get the job done so if you guys are looking for whats the best Pheromones out there right now just click on the image below of click on the link right after.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Cutting Edge Pheromones

Edge Pheromones For Men

Now this is one of the best top 5 pheromones in the world hands down! The Cutting The Cutting Edge took 2 years to develop and millions of dollars in research and testing of this fine Pheromone Product. Edge Pheromones (not to be confused with the awful “edge up”) is La Croy Chemicals Co. best kept secret with only 2.4 mg of Pheromones per bottle this nifty little cologne stands next to the best ones out there and it has made it into the top 5 Pheromone Cologne in the world.

We contacted the nice people at and we had them ship us a couple of bottles of Edge Pheromones to try out, field test and enjoy and in about a week in a half it was already here waiting to get picked up at the post office. I went and picked it up and decided to wait a while and do some research before I wore it and field tested what it was going to become one of the BEST 5 Pheromones in the market today.

Like I have stated before Pheromone usage and results vary with people but its also a big part of the blending of the product itself and being that Androstenone is one of the leading SEXUAL Pheromones Edge Pheromones gives that extra kick needed to obtain what you desire using Pheromones. The Edge Pheromones as its known worldwide is a compound of 2.4 mg of androstenone and 2 more “secret” Pheromones that they’re not willing to disclose. I, myself managed to research what was the real secret behind and in all honesty it all goes back to the blending as The Edge comes out to be

  1. Androstenone
  2. Androsterol
  3. Alcohol
  4. Fragrance

Looking at that and judging by the thousands of good reviews and positive feedback from customers I decided to give The Edge an honest try and field test it to see what results I got from it. I took a shower and made sure I had no other scents in my body I followed the instructions and sprayed twice around my neck and twice about my wrists. First thing I noticed was the very soft smell of sandalwood and I automatically thought “ this is a sexual based cologne” MOST COLOGNES THAT ARE MEANT TO GET SEXUAL HITS ARE USUALLY COMPOSED AND BLENDED OF ANDROSTENONE ANDROSTENOL AND SANDALWOOD you can see that in every Pheromone cologne that claims and delivers those results.

So that was the real challenge! Where was I going to go with that type of Pheromone cologne on a weekday? Well I remembered that I needed to work and that’s exactly where I headed to hoping to come back with some results LOL. I got to work and my boss Andy decided to send me to the third floor to assist in some inventory issues, so not too happy about it I went upstairs and saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen (no offense to my current girlfriend). Her name is Rachel and she looked at me kind of weird when I first got there! I introduced myself and noticed that she kept texting and giving me weird faces so I figured she was telling her friend or Boyfriend she was alone in the third floor with a stranger.

I usually pay no mind to anything when im at work so I ignored what I saw and started with my part of the inventory. About 45 minutes before noon she calls my name and says “can you come hold this ladder?” I replied “of course” and I walked towards her and held the ladder till she was done counting boxes she comes down and she says thanks, by the way I cant help but notice that you seem a little uncomfortable around me its okay! I don’t bite hehehe. So I automatically thought to myself hmm-mm she had to smell the cologne I am wearing! I laughed at her statement and wanted to try and see how far The edge Pheromones is willing to take this and I said “hey do you want to go to lunch?” “its in 15 minutes!”

She totally said yes and we went to this little Italian hoagie place here in the city and we talked about many things in life in general. Funny thing is that she tells me how when I first walked upstairs she thought I was a creep and she was telling her friend about it ha ha ha ha. I knew it anyways but it was good to know that she actually warmed up to me cause of the Pheromones I was field testing that day. I told her I had a girlfriend and that I was happy to make a new friend at work! (she seemed disappointed).

Now let me tell you this right now if there is something worse than not getting any chicks is being a SKEPTIC guy that doesn’t get any chicks. Well that’s me! I was the guy that wouldn’t try anything to help the situation till a friend and I decided to order Pherazone Pheromones. That totally woke the instincts in me to start field testing the Pheromones in the market today! So far we have tested good ones regular ones and garbage ones. Some of them are so bad we wont even mention them here or even review them but this isn’t the case with The Edge Pheromones. This Cologne has proven me (like many others) that there is hope and not everything is garbage out there. Let it be known THAT IM ONLY TELLING YOU MY EXPERIENCES WITH IT MYSELF! And not anyone else so I am not speaking for everyone on the internet.

Final Words....

At first I wasn’t sure about The Edge because it is not the first time I see a Pheromone Cologne in a nice bottle looking like its going to be the last coca cola in the dessert! So when I decided to give it a try and in all honesty I got some results! Not the same results Jose and I got with Pherazone or Nexus Pheromones but it did break the ice and delivered some results and god only knows what else would a happened if I didn’t say I have a girlfriend so anything was possible that day. The Edge Pheromones its a great everyday Pheromone cologne and not a weekend party hardy one like the most expensive ones out there so if you want to check them out I will provide a link below and I hope this review was kind of useful for you the reader looking to learn more about the Pheromones world.



It is recommended IF you’re planning on buying it to buy two bottles instead of one because I just noticed one bottle wont last a whole month but 16 days. If you’re looking to wear it as an everyday cologne we recommend you do this! If you’re just trying it out then one bottle should be fine.

                                       THE EDGE

Monday, February 4, 2013


Okay, let get started with Nexus Pheromones. This neat Androstenone Based  Pheromone Cologne has it all, But what really got me to buy it was the powerful list of potent Pheromones included in the blend. While others brag about it and then hide. Nexus stands behind their product 100% and proudly offer you a money back guaranty. Lets get more into Nexus! A friend of mine who actually swears by a pheromone called Alpha 7 showed up at my house and said he was doing some research on other Pheromone colognes and that's how this review began.

We decided to place the order and we were very pleased with their service and how the website is customer friendly to navigate. After a few days (probably 9 or 10) the product arrived and we were up for the test. Field testing Nexus was quite fun cause it was 10 am in the morning we had a hang over from hell and it was nasty and snowy outside. So lets put it this way, we had nowhere to go but the public library or the supermarket! Well we chose the supermarket....before leaving the house we did what every pheromone user should do, shower and be free of any other colognes that could ruin the effects of the Pheromones.

We put on some Nexus Pheromones and both smiled cause to be honest with you this is one of the best smelling Pheromones out there in the market right now. The smell was mild and pleasant and reminded us a lot of Drakkar Noir who was a famous cologne that everyone used in the 90s. Jose showed me their website and I saw that they claim Nexus lasts a whole 8 to 10 hours and honestly that's something we HAVE to try, Jose drove us to the library instead of the supermarket (smart move) and we decided to go use the Internet cubicles where we saw a few good looking girls there.

We sat on right nest to them and we pretended we were surfing online (they had all social networks blocked). Being the skeptic that I am I was pretty much waiting to see if what we had planned would work and if Nexus Pheromones was everything they claim to be or just another INTERNET HOAX. Like I said before to see is to believe and that's always has been a great quote. We started goofing off and one of the girls smiled at us and of course we got goofing off a little more! Like an hour after she gets up and totally handed me a piece of paper! I was like wow this stuff is better than I thought. I opened the paper to look for the number and put it in my cellphone and to my disappointment it said “please can you guys be a little quiet next time?”

So I got a little mad Jose started laughing and we decided to go to the supermarket after all......We started driving to the supermarket (took forever cause of the snow) and before we got to the parking lot we saw a girl about 23 years old stuck in the snow. We totally forgot about our Nexus field testing and we got out the car to see if she needed a little help. She was a little shy at first so Jose started joking a little and said a few things to get her to know we were harmless.

Jose and I started pushing the car and we finally got it out so she offered to buy us a coffee at the supermarkets coffee shop. We went ordered 3 coffees and sat down after a few minutes she totally noticed our cologne and said “you guys smell the same” “do you also shower together?” We both looked at each other and started laughing so hard I couldn't breath and Jose answered nah his is a little more stronger here smell mine! She smelled it and totally seem to like it, so I stood up and said I needed to get shaving cream and left them alone.

By the time I got back she was GONE! He was sitting there smiling and had not only her number but he had a date for that same night squared away! He was smiling as we drove to the house that night and I said there is no way that happened that quick! Well long story short they went out that night and he wore Nexus again which totally got him to score that night and let me tell he had a smile from ear to ear. I asked him how it went? And he just said we went out to eat we got to her house and right before I thought she was going to say goodbye she jumped on me and totally took control of the situation. So to me that's a pretty good field test if we wanna get personal here. Nexus to us stood up to what they claim and it worked pretty well for the price and Pheromone concentration they offer.

A few things I did not like was the the fact that :

  1. Still smells like a cologne from the 90s.
  2. It took about 10 days to get here.
  3. They do not offer anything else with the purchase.
  4. They don't have an automated billing system.
  5. It DID NOT LAST 8 to 10 hours like they claim

Things I did like from Nexus were :

  1. The bottle looks sexy and its very easy to hide in your pockets.
  2. The blending is very good (not as good as pherazone) and it did deliver results.
  3. They have many satisfied customers.
  4. They offer a money back guaranty
  5. For the price you’re not gonna find anything stronger out there.

Final Words......

Nexus is a pretty good Pheromones Cologne put out by the minds of pretty good Pheromone scientists and although they don't deliver the POWER of Pherazone or Max Attraction Gold they do have a good way of blending it and it totally worked for us. If you’re interested in learning more about it you can always click on the link below. Thanks for reading and i hope this review can help in your journey or finding the right Pheromone for you.



Thursday, January 31, 2013

Max Attraction Gold Review

Max Attraction Gold

Lets start with Max Attraction Gold! I was very pleased with how Luvessentials blended this Pheromones Cologne. Mixing 16 Androstens they managed to create a nice and powerful blend that works in almost all situations. We ordered the package that came with a DVD set that we will be reviewing later on in this same blog that you’re reading.

Max Attraction claims to have 19 mg of powerful Pheromones that women find irresistibledesirable  and  seductive that is industry endorsed by Dr James Vaughn Kohl. So we thought to ourselves this could be what every man is looking for in a Pheromone Cologne so we decided to give it a field test! Before buying Max Attraction Gold we decided to look at their site and the first thing we noticed was that just like Pherazone they offer a FULL MONEY BACK warranty. (That’s one thing you always need to look for when buying any product).

We placed the order on the Love essentials page and in about two weeks it showed up in the mail. Me and my friends were so excited to try this Pheromone Cologne so much that the same night (Tuesday) we got all dressed up and ready to hit the dating scene. But think to yourself what can you possibly do on a Tuesday night in New York? Sometimes I think that was more of the challenge than field testing the Cologne itself.

We decided we were gonna do things a little different this time, so we decided to take the train downtown and find a few places to test Max Attraction Gold . Before leaving the house we sprayed the Cologne and we all noticed the same thing....Although it smells good its not what it says on the website (fresh smell) its more of a musky smell that im not too drawn to. Lets put it this way if you’re into musky smelling Colognes then this is the right Pheromone Cologne for you.

We hopped in the train and we were too much excited to see what was gonna happen that night. In that same train Ryan (one of my friends) decided to approach this beautiful Hispanic girl that was a few feet away from us. He went right up to her and started asking he questions and they talked for about 20 minutes till he finally was like “what are you doing tonight?” The girl totally rejected him by saying “i am busy and will be all week” so he said goodbye and we waited till we got to Manhattan.

The train stopped so we went into the first little Irish bar we saw. It was one of those city basement bars and in all honesty I didn’t think we would find any good looking girls in there! We walked in like it was a western movie and we ordered some drinks and we sat in the corner making ourselves available. It was around 10:30 at night and the place started to get packed and the ladies started walking in. My friend Jose and Ryan were so ready to test Max Attraction Gold that they actually put some music on and started dancing like maniacs . So I decided to join them!! In withing 15 minutes 3 girls got close and we ended up dancing and talking! I was already excited that something was gonna happened so I decided to order more drinks and let the good times roll.

It is very hard to work a girl yourself and watch your friends try to do the same so please bear with me in this one! I started asking the girl where she was from and what was she into and when I asked her if she wanted to go to my apt for a drink and a good conversation. Well long story short she was not interested and said no and I ended up going home alone that night. Jose actually did get his girl to his apt and they talked all night and he even tried to make a move but the girl declined and asked him to call her a taxi home.

Ryan in other hand hooked up with a nice Asian girl and she actually invited him to her place where they talked drank and had crazy sex all night!! So with one out of three we can say that Max Attraction Gold works pretty good compared to a lot of Pheromones in the market today but not as Concentrated as others on this page. Now that our experiences are documented let me explain what I liked and DIDNT like about Max Attraction Gold.


  1. In the website they advertise Max Attraction Gold contains 19 Mg of Androstenes but in all reality we couldn’t find anywhere what are they?

  2. The musky smell of the cologne was a lillte too much for me and my other friend while the cologne itself works I am more into fresher colognes like Aqua Di Gio and Armani Code (If Pherazone came up with it that WOULD ROCK!!)

  3. I am a natural born skeptic and I will always question every Pheromone Cologne that comes out because there is a lot of junk out there and for a Cologne that actually worked fair enough for us they don’t offer a lot of info in their website.

  4. While I liked the results it took a little two long for the bottles to get to us in the mail so rush delivery (costs more) would be recommended!

  5. It lasted about two and a half hours while others last four or more


  1. Max Attraction Gold delivered some results with very little effort and it was good enough for the average Pheromone user.

  2. They offer a full money back warranty with no questions asked.

  3. Lots of testimonials of satisfied customers.

  4. Reasonable pricing.

  5. Industry endorsed.

FINAL WORDS..........

Max Attraction Gold did somewhat the job of the average cologne and like I was telling you before and you will read over and over in this blog I am a huge skeptic. We have tried HUNDREDS of pheromones some of them we bought and some of them we got through the companies and in all honesty most of the ones out there are SCAMS which is why we picked the 5 that worked for us better based on pricing duration effectiveness blending ans concentration Let me repeat this to you one more time what worked for me can always work for anyone so if you are looking for an affordable Pheromone Cologne that delivers average results then you can check it out by clicking on the link below and if you don’t like it you can always get your money back. Cheers!

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                     Doctors Opinion On Pheromones

Millions of Universities are now testing and discovering the useful advantages of Pheromones to the point even major Perfume companies are blending Pheromones into their fragances.

Friday, January 11, 2013

My own point of view! Best Pheromones Revealed!

Lets get familiar with what are Pheromones and how do they work!

When it comes to pheromones you have to keep in consideration that even though the product has been around for a long time there is a lot of sensationalism. Most people write and talk about pheromones without having a complete understanding of how this neat little discovery works and the great ways of using it. Well first things first! I am a natural born skeptic native of New York who spent time and money testing most of the pheromones on the market today, with that said i will proceed with what i have found that works and whats only out there to steal a buck out of you!
When it comes to Pheromones you have to keep in consideration that even though the product has been around for a long time there is a lot of sensationalism. 

Most people write and talk about pheromones without having a complete understanding of how this neat little discovery works and the great ways of using it. Well first things first! I am a natural born skeptic native of New York who spent time and money testing most of the pheromones on the market today, with that said i will proceed with what i have found that works and whats only out there to steal a buck out of you!

So to put it in plain english as i have mentioned before i am a native from New York and i couldnt get more skeptical about things. 

So what i present to you here its nothing but my own separate research and what works. 

In this Blog you will find the Top 5 best Pheromones in the world today and information on how they worked in diferent situations. You will also learn about the companies as well and how to use pheromones to get the girl you want. 

Below you will find a chart of how well the Pheromones work in details i hope you take the time to look at it and it is of help to you the reader. I will keep things SHORT and SWEET for you readers so you can follow us on a great interesting journey on how we tested mostly all of the pheromones in the market today! I hope you, the reader find my time and effort useful and it is of some kind of help for you to find the best pheromones in the market today.

If you have more questions about Pheromones please feel free to shoot me an email at or contact me directly on Facebook and i will get back to you as quick as possible 

You can also check out this news report video on pheromones to have a little more understanding on how they work.